Toy Story 3-D

Rated 4.0

Pixar Animation’s work has made such quantum leaps in the last 14 years that their first feature, the one whose phenomenal success kicked the computer-animation revolution into high gear, is looking a little primitive these days (it did take them a while to master live creatures like dogs and human beings). But thanks to Pixar’s inherent wit, story sense and unerring ear for voice casting, its original charm and delight are intact, as Sheriff Woody (voice by Tom Hanks) tries to cope with a new favorite toy in the playroom, Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). For this special two-week engagement (and to gin up enthusiasm for the release of Toy Story 3 next June), the 1995 image has been reprogrammed for 3-D. It doesn’t add much to the original (how much did it need?), but it’s a fun new twist.