My One and Only

Rated 3.0

In 1953, a wife (Renée Zellweger) leaves her philandering husband (Kevin Bacon) and hits the road husband hunting—from New York to Boston, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Los Angeles—with her two teenage sons in tow (Logan Lerman, Mark Rendall). Charlie Peters’ script is a bit too glib and facile, and populated by caricatures, while Marco Pontecorvo’s underlit photography makes it hard to see all the 1950s retro-chic decor. But Zellweger shines in the center of it all, with good rapport with her two sons (especially Lerman), and greatly helped by cameos from a succession of fine actors as the people who pass through their lives: Steven Weber, Chris Noth, Nick Stahl, David Koechner, Eric McCormack, Molly C. Quinn, Robin Weigert, etc. Richard Loncraine directs smoothly, and there’s a nifty surprise at the fade-out.