Supermodel Suicide

Hangtown’s Greatest Hits

7:30 p.m. Friday, April 22; with Bright Light Fever, Divided, EightFourSeven and Last Amanda; $8; all ages. Underground Café, 2401 Olympus Drive in Roseville.

Something slithery this way comes. Like a cobra, this CD slides along, full of menace, periodically rearing its head, spitting and sinking its teeth in. Supermodel Suicide’s hard rockin’ music (with a touch of glam) is perfectly captured in these eight tracks. They range from the serpentine feel of songs like “Concave” and “Show Me Some Heat” to the spit and fire of “Electric Fix” and “Hellery.” But the standout track here is “Foothill Kids.” This one will pound its way inside your brain with its insistent guitar riff and great sing-along lyrics. “Good kids stay out at night / and they never come home / Good kids don’t go to sleep / They go outta control.” This CD is a terrific snapshot of a local group that’s headed for bigger and better things.