Mando Diao

Hurricane Bar

This band’s two singers, Gustaf Norén and Björn Dixgard, deliver more hooks in 30 seconds than the Thrills or the Vines have on all of their releases combined. On Hurricane Bar, their sophomore release for Mute, one listen to “Cut The Rope” or the harmony-laden “God Knows” will bring back flashes of Eric Burdon’s Animals and easily should convert followers of Jet or the Libertines. Unlike the countless, one-word named, pseudo-retro garbage acts that preceded the band’s glorious first U.S. release, Bring ’Em In, Mando Diao’s songs are so infectious that a vaccine should be created. Songs like “Down In The Past” and “All My Senses” should be the new standard for rock ’n’ roll in the new millennium. Fans of the Strokes take note: There’s a new kid on the block.