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What do you think is the best process for getting CBD recognized broadly as a treatment option for patients in traditional medical settings?


Talk to the feds. Until cannabis is removed from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of Schedule I drugs, there is little chance of any chemical found in cannabis to receive more mainstream attention from traditional Western medicine. “Schedule I” means that these drugs have no medicinal use and a high risk of addiction. Currently, the Schedule I list is: pot, heroin, MDMA (ecstasy), quaaludes and peyote. I have never heard of anyone being addicted to peyote, but whatever. Fentanyl and OxyContin are Schedule II drugs, so according to the DEA, fentanyl and Oxys are better for you than cannabis. Sigh.

There are about 16 states that don’t allow full plant medical cannabis, but they do have “CBD only” laws on the books. Most of the states don’t allow anyone to smoke cannabis, but they can use CBD oil. Texas just started a program, but the state’s having a hard time finding enough patients to make a go of it.

I am not optimistic about cannabis legalization on the federal level, at least not as long as Jeff “Anglo-American tradition of law enforcement” Sessions is still the head of the Department of Justice. However, if enough states legalize not just CBD, but all forms of cannabis, the federal government will have to go along. At least I hope they will. We are still a democracy, right? RIGHT?

Your top three strains? Oh, and if you could get your hands on old school stress buds, would you smoke it?

—JG from the 206

Top three of all time? Or top three right now? That is a really, really hard question. All time, I would say: Bubba Kush, Portland Magic Harvest and a strain called “S.” Bubba Kush is a fairly recent strain. Portland Magic Harvest was a strain I got from a friend of a friend way back in the ’90s. I had to drive to Portland to get it, and I could get like an ounce, and that was because my homie would break me off from his head stash. It was only available during the solstice and the equinox. I kid you not. It had a super stinky skunk smell (like super stinky. I had it wrapped in sealed turkey bags and two Tupperware bins, and my whole car smelled like reasonable suspicion) and a great philosophical munchies-inducing high. “S” was a strain developed by John Hudson (may he rest in peace) an early pioneer for cannabis freedom. I can’t remember the flavor (this was like 26 years ago) but I do remember turning up my music hella loud and cleaning my whole house. Right now, I am a fan of Chocolate Hashberry, Strawberry Banana Gelato and Forbidden Fruit. What are your top three strains? Send them to me and I will post the results on my Twitter feed (@ngaio420).