Sunshine Assassins

John F. Miglio

In a dystopian near-future, religious right-wingers and big business ally to create Corporate Christianity, and the United States runs both smoothly and morally, albeit with much less personal freedom. They’ve also established a Department of Morality Enforcement. Yep, it’s the American Taliban, Christo-fascist style. The problem with this action thriller by onetime SN&R contributor and Sac resident John F. Miglio is one that plagues many first novels: lots of exposition, not always subtle. If you can wade through the “Didn’t I tell you that story?” exposition to get to the action, there’s a lot to be said for a senior-citizen action hero with a ’60s sensibility. The novel’s a bit unpredictable in its choice of alliances—no spoilers, but don’t assume all Christians approve of corporate fascism.