Bloodlines: Recovering Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws, From Patton’s Trophy to Public Memorial

Anthony M. Platt with Cecilia E. O’Leary

The truth about General Patton; the infamous Nuremberg Laws; and a eugenics-crazed hero at California State University, Sacramento, has been untold history, until now. Bloodlines explores the secret past of California’s ties to Nazi Germany by exposing the motives and actions of many of the Golden State’s most prominent citizens. The Nuremberg Laws, the legislation bearing Hitler’s signature that was a precursor to the Final Solution, lay hidden for more than 50 years in a Southern California library. Even more shocking are the ties between one of the leading figures in California’s eugenics movement, which strove for improvement in hereditary traits through social intervention, and CSUS. Hollywood couldn’t craft a more intriguing story, which is just as well. History is stranger than fiction.