Summer Guide 2016: 91.6 ingredients for a perfect summer in the 916

There are mermaids in the Sacramento River! Click <a href=here to find how how to spot them.">

There are mermaids in the Sacramento River! Click here to find how how to spot them.


In Sacramento, winter is not the season we need to brace ourselves for. Summer is the harshest time around these parts. Triple-digit days can keep us scurrying between air-conditioned buildings and air-conditioned cars like fugitives from the sun.

But then there are those sweet summertime moments when the heat breaks, the Delta breeze tickles your skin and summer suddenly seems like the best time to be alive. The moment on top of the State Fair Ferris wheel when you can see the whole city. The moment when you’re floating down the American River in a raft, waving at sunbathers on the shore. The moment when you hear the opening notes of your favorite song at a concert under the stars. The moment when the ice cream hits your tongue and you feel like a child again.

We at SN&R want your summer to be filled with moments like this—at least 91.6 of them. So we’ve created this list of 91.6 festivals, daytrips, drinks and eats, concerts, hikes and other surprises to help you have the best summer possible. Moment by moment. Enjoy it all.