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Take a new stand for justice every day at the Capitol.

Take a new stand for justice every day at the Capitol.


Did you pass through gold country on your way here? If not, might want to see what riches await for you.

60. Play The Oregon Trail IRL

67th annual Highway 50 Association Wagon Train

If the prospect of riding in a legit covered wagon, drinking coffee boiled over a fire and traveling an average of 3 miles per hour from Lake Tahoe to Placerville doesn't sound awesome to you, I'd reckon you were one of those kids who always died of dysentery when you played The Oregon Trail. Sign up for a single day or tough it out for the entire journey. Authentic attire is required, and remember: Only jerks kill 2,000 more pounds of bison than they’re able to bring back to the wagon. Price and space availability varies, June 4 through June 11, (530) 677-2871, D.D.

61. Enjoy signal-free peace and quiet

The Quiet Dome

Located on 11 forested acres outside Grass Valley, the Quiet Dome is close to restaurants, shops, hiking trails, lakes and waterfalls. Then again, visitors might not want to leave the building, which is fireproof, earthquake-proof, self-heated and self-cooled. It's also billed as a “low EMF” structure that's “electromagnetically quiet” for those who suffer from Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity, a disease that's reportedly triggered by radio waves with symptoms similar to allergies. We don't know much about that, but the place looks so peaceful that we already feel more relaxed just thinking about it. A three-night stay is required but the rates are pretty chill, too: Expect to pay an average of $107 a night. 17223 You Bet Road in Grass Valley, R.L.

62. Tour the Capitol’s protests du jour on your lunch break

63. Dip into a swimming hole

South Yuba River State Park

Swimming, hiking, gold panning, bird watching, biking or sunbathing—it's all possible at South Yuba River State Park. A little more than an hour's drive from Sac on Highway 49, this state park has dozens of swimming holes and wading areas to beat the summer heat, plus hiking trails and all-terrain mountain bike paths. This is the perfect daytrip for Sacramentans looking for a quick change of scenery. $5 parking fee, various entry locations, (530) 432-2546, S.R.

64. Get psychiatric help for 5 cents

Charles M. Schulz Museum

Roller skating at Squaw Valley’s High Camp might be the closest you come to Olympic athleticism.


Remember how attuned The Peanuts gang is to the human condition at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. The exhibits appeal to fans of all ages, and you can even see Snoopy's doghouse wrapped by Christo. Don't miss the skating rink or gift shop, which has '70s carpet art on the walls. Still have the art bug? Visit Paradise Ridge Winery, which features grounds with various outdoor sculpture “galleries.” Shows rotate, so it's worth revisiting. And drinking more wine, natch. Charles M. Schulz Museum, 2301 Hardies Lane in Santa Rosa; (707) 579-4452;; Paradise Ridge Winery, 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive in Santa Rosa; (707) 528-9463; G.G.

65. Make like John Muir

Wilderness Outdoor Weekend

Stop liking National Geographic's nature photos on Instagram. Put down your phone. Get in the car and head east on I-80 'til you hit Truckee. Then voila! You'll be in a breathtaking natural setting rather than staring at its facsimile. Do this from June 10 through June 12 at the rustic Clair Tappaan Lodge for a weekend of guided hikes, kayaking, yoga, rock climbing and more. Overnight packages are available, or come on Saturday at 9 a.m. for the day's programming. Prices vary, June 10 through June 12 at 19940 Donner Pass Road in Norden, (530) 426-3632, D.D.

66. Leave your hat

Guisti's Place

A drive down the Delta on Highway 160 is charming even without a fun destination. Looking past Al the Wop's and Old Sugar Mill, Guisti's Place is worth a visit. Located across the lane from a picturesque landing overlooking the river, the bar is lined with more than 12,000 baseball hats. Beyond that novelty, the food is excellent. All dinner entrees are served with family-style minestrone, a salami plate and other goodies. Clam chowder and calamari steak highly recommended! 14743 Walnut Grove-Thornton Road in Walnut Grove, (916) 776-1808,!menu/c5hf. G.G.

67. Bask in the glow of the full moon with a midnight canoe ride down the American River

68. Soak in a mountaintop hot tub

High Camp at Squaw Valley

When the valley heat grows unbearable, try spending the day 8,200 feet up at Squaw Valley's High Camp. An aerial tram ride will carry you to gorgeous hiking trails and expansive vistas. Beside the seasonally idle ski lifts, you'll find a swimming pool and hot tub, a roller skating rink, a cafe with a full bar and the Olympic Museum. Whether your ideal summer afternoon is heading into the wilderness or hugging a lounge chair, Squaw has you covered. $10-$39, 1900 Squaw Peak Road in Olympic Valley, (800) 403-0206, B.C.

69. Harvest your own fruit

Summertime berries in Apple Hill

Sacramentans know to escape to Apple Hill in Placerville during the fall to pick a pumpkin and snag a fresh apple fritter. But the farmers and ranchers known for growing apples, pumpkins and Christmas trees also have green thumbs in the summertime. Several farms offer the chance to pick an abundance of berries. Farms that participate in the “you-pick” festivities include Bolster's Hilltop Ranch for blueberries in season, Harris Tree Farm for blackberries and Patrick's Mountain Grown Berry Farm for fresh blackberries and raspberries. Various prices and locations, (530) 644-7692, S.R.

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