Food & Drink: Five irresistible frozen treats

DavePops: no fats, no drips, no dairy. All yummy.

DavePops: no fats, no drips, no dairy. All yummy.


If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, ice cream season can be a bummer. Most local places don’t do much dairy-free, so biking to the neighborhood shop can leave you cold. Things are looking up this year, though. Get your tongue ready for these:

1. DavePops and LukePops are the brain(freeze) child of Dave Feldpausch. He calls them “No fats. No drips. No dairy.” LukePops are no-sugar-added as well. Flavors include Cherry GarSoya, mint chocolate chip and blueberry. Look for Dave at the Oak Park and Carmichael farmers’ markets and at Gather Oak Park on second Thursdays. More at

2. Gunther’s Quality Ice Cream (2801 Franklin Boulevard) ranks among the oldest in town, but it’s one of the few vintage shops with non-dairy treats. The dense freezes taste like pure fruit. Get a 50-50 with lime and mango or banana and pineapple. Don’t miss the chocolate-covered frozen bananas, either. Learn more at

3. Downtown’s Cornflower Creamery (1013 L Street) abounds with ice cream, and it usually has a couple of ultra-rich coconut milk-based options like pecan praline and mint chocolate chip. See current flavors at

4. Conscious Creamery crafts dairy-free gelato for pop-ups all over town. Vegan chef Andrea Seppinni and husband Kevin use cashews for a creamy base and all-organic ingredients. Follow them on Facebook to find their roasted strawberry or mint stracciatella, among others. Get connected at

5. Devine Gelateria on the grid (1221 19th Street) has at least two dairy-free sorbettos on offer daily to satisfy your cone fantasies. The silky freezes contain only fruit, water and sugar. Look for them later this summer at the new East Sac location (3610 McKinley Boulevard) or online at

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