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Netflix and Chill, Shady Lady Saloon

Illustration by Serene Lusano

The past four years, there's been a holiday hot toddy bartender competition at the Golden Bear. And Travis Kavanaugh has lost. But this year the Shady Lady bartender took the big prize, $800, with his traditional hot toddy: bourbon and scotch; a housemade syrup of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, brown sugar; hot apple juice and ginger beer; and lovely lemon and pine aromatics. “A nice modification of something simple,” he says of his winning concoction. Sadly, you can't get it at Shady, but they do have two toddy variants, Hot Buttered Rum and the popular “Netflix and Chill”: coffee, caramel liquor, Jameson, housemade angostura whipped cream, kosher salt, for $9. 1409 R Street,