Forget the PSL

Ginger Mocha, Yellowbill Cafe and Bakery

Illustration by serene lusano

I'm a ginger junkie, but I never thought coffee and ginger could be a thing. A quick Google search reveals that I'm uneducated, though, because that's definitely a thing, and it's done real well at Yellowbill Cafe and Bakery with its Ginger Mocha ($4.25 for 12 ounces, $4.75 for 16). The cafe has a whole suite of fall drinks, but the housemade ginger syrup with cocoa, espresso, milk and candied ginger is the only real choice. It's like drinking a caffeinated gingersnap, a smooth coffee blend with ginger nipping up sharply once every few sips. It's a real reason to forget that pumpkin spice stuff. 1425 14th Street,