Carrot savior

What's Up, Doc?, Liquidology

Illustration by hayley doshay

My first job was at Jamba Juice, and one of the few ways I could tolerate all the cheeriness of that place was a big bucket of carrot-orange-wheatgrass juice. I still love a good carrot juice but remain uninterested in the nightmares of Jamba. Thankfully, Liquidology has a new seasonal juice, the What's Up, Doc? ($5 for 12 ounces, $8.75 for 17.5 ounces). Carrot, orange, apple, lemon and ginger make for a bright but subtle drink that still puts that thick, silky carrot juice taste and texture right up front. Can I get a guarantee that no angsty teens suffered in the making of this? 4601 H Street,