Rated 2.0

The storks of the world have forsaken their age-old mission of delivering babies, delivering packages instead—until an undelivered infant, now full-grown (and voiced by Katie Crown) reactivates the baby track, dragging her stork overseer (Andy Samberg) along for the ride. The boss stork (Kelsey Grammer) flies off in hot pursuit to stop them, a married couple (Ty Burrell, Jennifer Aniston) and their son (Anton Starkman) prepare for the new arrival, the baby and our heroes are kidnapped by wolves … say what? Nicholas Stoller’s script isn’t a story so much as a succession of bizarre non sequitur gags, jammed together helter-skelter and hammered at us with the maniacal zeal of a stand-up comic on a six-day coke binge. In 3-D. Doug Sweetland co-directs with Stoller, and the result is harmlessly exhausting. J.L.