Spicy sisters

Veggie Enchiladas, Tres Hermanas

Tres Hermanas isn’t known for its vegetarian options—the vegetarian section of its menu, for example, largely comprises seafood. Still, there are a few choice standouts including the Veggie Enchiladas ($13.99) which are—yay!—actually vegan. Here, generous piles of sauteed squash, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and spinach are stuffed into a tortilla and smothered in a breathtakingly spicy green sauce. No, seriously, you’re going to need numerous drink refills for this one. If you’ve got a high spice threshold, however, pair it with one of the eatery’s legendary spicy margaritas. Hey, you only live once, right? 2416 K Street, www.treshermanasonk.com.