Speak-easy boba

Milk tea, Vampire Penguin

Illustration by Hayley Doshay

Ordering boba milk tea at Vampire Penguin felt like how I imagine ordering whiskey would have been at a speak-easy during Prohibition. I couldn't find any drinks on any menu, so I just walked up and asked, “Got any drinks?” Answer: Thai tea or milk tea. I chose the latter and then added boba (tapioca, pearls, whatever you want to call them) and lychee-flavored jelly. The boba could've been a little softer, but the lychee flavor in the jelly was great, and even spruced up the somewhat weak tea. Overall, it was a steal at just $3.75 (though the server may have forgotten to charge an extra 50 cents for the lychee jelly)—and I'm quite happy to have another place serving boba in the grid. 907 K Street, www.facebook.com/