A fuzzy fizz

Cudera Napa Valley (2014), Ruhstaller


The line between wine and beer tastes fuzzy. Not literally fuzzy, of course, but Cudera is the product of grape must and wort co-fermented with both wine and beer yeast. The coppery, rose-colored beverage pours like champagne, and like wine, becomes fruitier and mellower as it sits and breathes. Instead of a tannic aftertaste, you're hit with bready beer. You've probably never tasted anything quite like it. The grapes come from Napa Valley vineyards; the brewing pioneered by Ruhstaller is a collaboration with wine guys from Napa County and Italy. Find a wax-dipped and corked 12-ounce bottle $7.50 at BevMo right now—just 150 cases were released in May for this limited-edition brew. http://ruhstallerbeer.com.