Peppery punch

House bloody mary, Bacon & Butter

Illustration by SERENE LUSANO

Don't think of the bloody mary as just a cocktail, consider it your brunch's vegetable side dish. Bacon & Butter crafts one that's simple but with enough spicy kick to jump-start your weekend. The house bloody mary ($8) is served in a mason jar (of course) without much in the way of fancy-schmancy garnishment. Rather the focus here is on the drink's star staple with a tomato-y fresh flavor that's bright and peppery. You're gonna feel this one going down, folks. Better yet, it boasts just enough vodka to make enduring the Tahoe Park eatery's notoriously long wait worth it. Order one with whatever veggie omelet's currently on the menu (we tried the grilled asparagus option) and the meal practically becomes health food, right? 5913 Broadway;