Slurp worthy

Black garlic oil ramen, i-Tea

Sacramento does not want for ramen or pho, so it is with great caution—and excitement!—that I recommend a new noodle soup. Yes, i-Tea is a franchise founded in Taiwan with locations all over Northern California. But the recently opened outpost in South Sacramento serves up a mean black garlic oil ramen ($10.99). The rich, garlicky broth is cloudy with the essence of pork. It’s freshened up with seaweed, bits of chives, bamboo shoots and spinach. Floating atop the mix, several discs of pork are charred to the point of sweetness, and whole roasted garlic and fish cakes add another layer of yum. The noodles? Fantastic for either chewing or slurping. 6461 Stockton Boulevard, Suite 4; (916) 706-2614;