Slow torture or bro bands?

Green Audio vocalist Adam Roth lets it rip at Ace of Spades last Saturday.

Green Audio vocalist Adam Roth lets it rip at Ace of Spades last Saturday.

Photo By jon hermison

Ready, set, whine:
The Sacramento music scene, like any, talks its fair share of smack. Because who doesn’t love to bitch and moan about crappy bands, sleazy venues, shady security, dishonest promoters, idiot writers and bloggers—or who venerable music-scene staple Jerry Perry chooses to play Friday night’s summertime downtown Concerts in the Park series each year.

Well, buckle up: I texted Perry last week to see if he’d sneak me an advance look at this year’s CIP lineup, which kicks off next month at Cesar Chavez Plaza. He obliged—it’s also now online as well, sigh—and included a note: Every year, he explains, people knock that it’s the “same old bands” that play the park. But Perry pointed out that this year includes 29 first-time acts, plus six new headliners, who’ll have the privilege of gigging for the Budweiser chuggers and families—and that woman with the sweet shadow-dancing moves—that converge on downtown each week.

Opening night (Friday, May 6), though, will be familiar faces: the Tattooed Love Dogs and Aaron King & the Imperials, plus newbies Wahnderlust. The week after: Miss Lonely Hearts, Keri Carr and the Golden Cadillacs. May 20: the Dreaded Diamond, Golden Ghosts, Roman Funerals and Agent Ribbons. And the last Friday in May: the Afterlife, the Freebadge Serenaders and Rick Estrin & the Nightcats.

The CIP series this year will run through August 12. Other performers include: Debora Iyall, Exquisite Corps, Mumbo Gumbo, Los Blazing Hangovers, Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, Favors, the Nibblers, the Nickel Slots, Prieta, Lite Brite, Simpl3Jack, Musical Charis, Be Brave Bold Robot, San Kazakgascar. And the band that’s possibly gigged the park more than any other, the Brodys. (As always, CIP is free each Friday, at 10th and J streets, 5-9 p.m.; more info at

New from the CUF, Brotha Lynch, Random Abiladeze:
This week marks the release of three separate records by arguably three of the most influential Sacramento hip-hop artists over the past two decades. Let’s peep the album’s singles:

First, Brotha Lynch Hung, whose Coathanga Strangla dropped on Tuesday. The video for the album’s title track, “The Coathanga,” features some good ol’ S&M torture, complete with Lynch donning a Hannibal Lecter mask while tormenting some white bro, assisted by leather-bikini-clad white girls. If you’re a fan of Leatherface, Rza beats or waterboarding Ashton Kutcher, this video is for you.

Second, the CUF, whose first release in nearly a decade, CUF Caviar Vol. 1, will be commemorated this Second Saturday, April 9, at Sugar Plum Vegan (2315 K Street, 7 p.m., no cover, all ages). Caviar’s single is CUF live-performance staple “How We Get Down,” a funky but old-school hip-hop bumper that boasts as much energy on the album as it does when Pete B. and Co. blast it on stage. Rumor has it that the CUF will be filming this Saturday’s performance, so dress the part.

Third, Random Abiladeze. I’ve gotten to know this quick-spitting emcee well over the years, and I’d noticed he often uses the word “indubitably,” meaning “no doubt” or “indeed.” And now, his latest full-length is titled Indubitably!

Engineered by Ira Skinner and featuring multiple producers, such as AdamBomb, Styles 1001, Agustus ThElefant, and deejay cuts by DJ Rated R, the record is one of the better local hip-hop albums I’ve heard. No doubt. All-caps enthusiasts TAIS and DLRN guest on Jon Reyes-produced “Don’t Be Fooled,” a smoothed out, Tribe Called Quest-like hit. And even Sister Crayon’s Terra Lopez appears on Dusty Brown-produced “Distractions,” which showcases some of Random’s grittier lyricism, plus Lopez’s lingering purr and Brown’s jazzy, breaky beats.

Zuhg, who guest on the album and also drop their own release this week, will back Random at their dual CD-release party this Saturday, April 9, at Beatnik Studios (2421 17th Street; 8 p.m.; $10 in advance, $12 at door; all ages).