Slaughterhouse rules

Electro Shock Thursdays

There may be good news for those of you who feel a void every time Friday night rolls around and there’s no longer a Townhouse dance party to be had: Electro Shock (First) Thursdays kicks off at Momo Lounge in May. Yes, it’s true, the city’s new indie dance party will be housed in the tube-top capital of Sacramento. But, hey, DJ Shaun Slaughter once themed an entire dance party around Olivia Newton-John&Rsquo;s spandex era, and the hip kiddies were more than willing to dress accordingly. Speaking of Slaughter, he’ll guest DJ the Electro Shock launch party with fellow “Fuck Fridays” DJ Jon Droll. Th 5/1. 9 p.m. $8. Momo Lounge, 2708 J Street;