Rated 2.0

A retired FBI agent, now a security consultant (Dwayne Johnson), is consulting on a 240-floor Hong Kong building when terrorists set fire to it. Oh, and his wife (Neve Campbell) and kids are trapped inside. Oh yeah, and one more thing: he has a prosthetic leg. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s script is ridiculous and unbelievable, a wannabe Towering Die Hard Inferno. CGI stunts are constant, outlandish and hilarious. When are people like Thurber going to realize that this doesn’t cut it? Genuine excitement comes from real people (whether stars or stunt doubles) really doing things; without that, junk movies like this are just photo-realistic Wile E. Coyote cartoons. Johnson’s charisma lifts things a notch or two above the bottom of the barrel, but he’s not a magician—and he can’t really fly.