Ant-Man and the Wasp

Rated 3.0

The once and future Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) breaks house arrest to join the father/daughter team (Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly) who first shrank him to micro-superhero size. Now she’s a superhero too (the Wasp, of course), and she and Dad think, with the Ant’s help, they may be able to rescue her mother (Michelle Pfeiffer), who has languished 30 years in the subatomic Quantum Zone. Yeah, it makes about that much sense. But what the hell, it’s enjoyable enough, even for those who would rather eat broken glass than sit through another elephantine CGI-fest from the damned Marvel Comics Universe. Director Peyton Reed maintains tongue in cheek, and Rudd (who co-wrote as well as starring) makes a fitting hero; his bemused diffidence suggests he knows how silly it all is, and we can identify with that.