Simple yet stunning

Although the voting system for October’s Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge seemed a bit confounding, The V Word would like to call attention to one of the participants, 58 Degrees & Holding Co. (1217 18th Street). The restaurant’s offerings for the competition in 2011 were sublime, and this year was no different. The appetizer flatbread was a mildly sadomasochistic delight with raw slices of green jalapeño, unusual raisin cherry tomatoes and mustard-yellow nutritional-yeast flakes atop a heavenly pillow of bread. The Autumn Roughage salad was equally inspired; its presentation on a long, rectangular sable dish was as gorgeous to the eyes as it was to the taste buds, with deep-purple Lolla Rosa lettuce, strips of parsnips and pickled carrots, and sprinkled with ruby pomegranate seeds. A simple yet stunning use of excellent ingredients.