Shut it down

Nouvella Kickstarter

It seems like everyone's launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise money for inventions and albums, tour vans and, even, mac 'n' cheese. So many good causes, so little time (and cash), right?

But did you ever stop to think about how these fundraising platforms might be used for evil?

Check this: There's a new “reverse” Kickstarter campaign aimed at “shutting down” Nouvella, the independent Los Angeles-based press headed by (full disclosure) SN&R contributor Deena Drewis.

The micropublisher, known for releasing short works by the likes of Emma Straub (pictured), Edan Lepucki and Matthew Salesses has been targeted by a group of publishers freaked out by what they deem a “weird” and “risky” threat to the very sanctity of traditional white male corporate media: “They are the worst offenders in the industry. They exclusively publish … unpredictable stories from a diverse group of authors.”

What, you're actually a hater of fresh, tiny bursts of innovative literary fiction? Then by all means join the effort to shut this thing down. Your contribution toward the ruin of fine words will purchase a destroy-worthy gift. For example, one could smash an appropriately bitter coffee mug (“Go Faulkner Yourself”) or burn a copy of local author Christian Kiefer's upcoming book One Day Soon Time Will Have No Place Left To Hide. For a list of these so-called “gifts” visit