Shoes with Souls

Witness the shopping dilemma of the sexy vegetarian: You can’t support factory farming by buying leather shoes, but most non-leather shoes either are made from noxious plastics with sweatshop labor for discount stores or are ropy hemp-and-canvas monstrosities that scream, “I’d rather be politically correct than attractive!” What’s a fashionable but environmentally responsible shopper to do? Try Shoes with Souls, a San Diego-based online store with surprisingly stylish vegan shoes for men and women. Knee-high faux suede go-go boots? Check. Tough black boots with metal grommets? Check. Leatheresque tennies with racing stripes? Check. Black retro pumps with white piping? Check. They cost more than your Payless specials, but they ought to last longer than one season and get you noticed at the co-op.