She’s Out of My League

Rated 2.0

A dorky airport worker (Jay Baruchel) finds the lost cell phone of a gorgeous blonde hottie (Alice Eve) and an unlikely romance blossoms, despite his insecurity and the discouraging feedback he gets from his trashy family and so-called friends. Baruchel and Eve are sweetly likable, and their scenes go down easily enough, but the contrived premise depends on making them look like a mismatch, and they do. From that point on, the script (by Sean Anders and John Morris) should make us see that they were meant for each other, but it never does; we go along with the idea just to get on with the show. Jim Field Smith’s direction is as uninspired as the writing; the whole thing is inoffensive but strictly routine, with little to distinguish it from the dozens of comedies that go straight to video every year.