Our Family Wedding

Rated 2.0

A young couple, an African-American man (Lance Gross) and a Mexican-American woman (America Ferrara), break the news to their cantankerous fathers (Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia, respectively) that they plan to get married. Writers Wayne Conley, Malcolm Spellman and Rick Famuyiwa (who also directed, halfheartedly) may think they invented something, but their hoary premise is as old as Abie’s Irish Rose, with the ethnic battlefield updated from Jews vs. Irish to blacks vs. Hispanics. The jokes were old in the 1920s and they’re eight decades older now—even the ones we haven’t heard before. Famuyiwa never gets this boulder rolling fast enough to keep its carpet of ancient moss from showing; all that’s left for an audience is to wonder why stars of the caliber of Whitaker and Ferrara bothered with it.