Remember Me

Rated 1.0

An alienated yet sensitive young man (Robert Pattinson, the teeny-bopper heartthrob of choice now that Leonardo DiCaprio has grown up) takes a bet that he can seduce the daughter (Emilie de Ravin) of the cop who arrested him (Chris Cooper)—but tender soul that he is, of course he falls in love. It’s not easy for a one-sentence synopsis to do full justice to the silliness of Will Fetters’ script—and, unfortunately, reviewer etiquette forbids disclosing the movie’s ending, a “surprise” twist so shameless and manipulative that we wonder if there is any cheap trick to which Fetters and director Allen Coulter would not stoop. Before that whopper, the movie is leaden and lifeless, everything keyed to the lugubrious brooding of Pattinson’s hilariously bad performance, a humorless parody of James Dean.