Shai Hulud

That Within Blood Ill-Tempered

Of all the half-assed attempts at hard-core metal these days, Shai Hulud—along with a handful of others—manages to create uplifting, melodic hardcore that connects with the heart and soul of the genre. That Within features the capable pipes of vocalist Geert van der Velde pitted against the grainy, distortion-soaked guitar delivery of Matt Fox. On “Scornful of the Motives and Virtue of Others” and album standout “Being Exemplary,” one can sense the urgency and immediacy of the band’s politically charged agendas. Drummer Tony Tintari and bassist Matt Fletcher make up the band’s rhythm section, which throws a healthy dose of aggression against a backdrop of melodic vocals. If tracks like “Unnerving” are any indication of what’s to come from Shai Hulud, we may want to keep this band on our radar.