The Mountain Goats


Since 1992, John Darnielle’s Mountain Goats have undergone various lineup changes. Tallahassee continues Darnielle’s dark ride inside the psyche of a couple destined to break up. He’s aided here by Extra Glenns member and friend Franklin Bruno and multi-instrumentalist Peter Hughes. The result is a luscious, 14-song, folk-influenced affair laden with Darnielle’s dry humor and awkward, off-kilter delivery. On “Southwood Plantation Road” and “International Small,” you can smell the late nights and wine-soaked carpets from which they must have been created. Though Darnielle isn’t looking to inherit the throne of Dylan or Springsteen, for the moment he is another talented songsmith gracing the indie-rock club circuit. Check the Mountain Goats out before Darnielle loses interest and moves on.