Massive Attack

100th Window

100th Window is everything you’ve come to expect from Massive Attack and slightly less. It’s not as seamless as 1998’s Mezzanine, but it’s still an excellent, evocative journey of sound in a genre the group created and continues to lead. 100th Window is a hushed scream of discontent that displays Massive Attack’s trademark melodic beats, trailblazing trip-hop ambience, guitar feedback, lush layering and expert vocals by guest artist Sinead O’Connor and returning collaborator Horace Andy. The last original member, Robert “3-D” Del Naja, responds to the deep undercurrent of unrest, apathy and frustration in modern times by creating a soundscape that reflects a liminal path of anti-enlightenment through a dark time and that strangely provides some eerie, isolating comfort.