Serving Sara

Rated 1.0 A process server (Matthew Perry) tries to serve divorce papers on a woman (Elizabeth Hurley), but she gets him to switch sides and help her serve papers on her husband instead. In real life, Matthew Perry entered rehab during shooting, and (there’s no way to avoid mentioning it) the decision was probably overdue, because he looks simply awful—scruffy, puffy, slouching and slurring his speech. Chemistry between him and Hurley is nil, and the film is a disaster all around: Jay Scherick and David Ronn’s script has no laughs, and Reginald Hudlin’s direction is just as bad. The only bright spot is Cedric the Entertainer as Perry’s boss (stuck in one room on the phone for most of his performance), but he can’t save it. Special dishonorable mention goes to the scummy cinematography of Robert Brinkmann.