Little Secrets

Rated 4.0 Pre-teen girls are the target audience for this emotion-stirring comedy about the fallout of deception, conspiracy, discriminately shared secrets and confession. Evan Rachel Wood stars as a young Connecticut girl who runs a neighborhood booth in immaculately manicured, upper middle class suburbia where she listens to kids’ secrets and dispenses advice for 50 cents per quick session. The aspiring violinist becomes overburdened with a hidden past of her own and these entrusted secrets as they escalate from relatively harmless to potentially harmful. As an orchestra audition approaches, she befriends a new boy on the block, becomes romantically interested in his older brother and seeks guidance from her philosophical music mentor (Vivica A. Fox). This sunny, squeaky clean, surprise-spiked story is propelled by the exhilaration and numerous potholes of both youth and blossoming maturity.