Rated 2.0 It’s infatuation at first sight in this slight, terminally cute romantic comedy that transforms the chance meeting and separation of two possible lovers (John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale) into a test of stamina for them and the audience. The film alternately surges and wanes as the two starry-eyed strangers bump into each other while Christmas shopping in Manhattan and then spend most of the movie apart on opposite coasts of the United States before trying to relocate each other just before they marry someone else. The coincidental circumstances and fortunate discoveries trumpeted by the film’s title descend from amusing to ridiculous and repay one’s indulgence with meager returns. This sort of Before Sunrise meets Sleepless in Seattle muses about the intricacies of fate, existence of soul mates and possibility that we could live our lives very happily with any number of people. Directed by Peter Chelsom (Hear My Song, Town & Country).