Haiku Tunnel

Rated 1.0 A temp clerk at a law office “goes perm” but can’t do anything but write his own novel on company time. Directed by brothers Jacob and Josh Kornbluth, co-written by them with John Bellucci, and starring brother Josh as a character named “Josh Kornbluth,” the film is nothing but a boring, amateurish vanity production. Reportedly based on a monologue by Josh K. and David Ford, the film is still just an illustrated monologue. As an actor, brother Josh seems like a nice enough fellow, but his humor is labored and unfunny, and the likeable-schlemiel routine is a trespass on Woody Allen territory. Other actors are similarly uncomfortable, with two exceptions: a pro-bono cameo by Harry Shearer, and an actress named Sarah Overman, winsome and appealing as a woman inexplicably attracted to Josh.