Max Keeble’s Big Move

Rated 1.0 A put-upon adolescent (Alex D. Linz) spends his last week at school getting even with all those who bullied and tormented him—then finds out he’s not moving away after all. The idea sounds promising perhaps, but writers Jonathan Bernstein, Mark Blackwell and James Greer and director Tim Hill make less than nothing out of it. Linz is a charmless Hollywood cutie-pie, the supporting cast goes miles over the top, the script has no glimmer of humor—indeed, no relation to life on earth—and Hill’s direction is slovenly (shots don’t even match). The film is, however, an achievement of sorts: it’s easily the worst thing ever released with the name of Walt Disney on it. If you remember The Ugly Dachsund, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes or Million Dollar Duck, you know that’s saying something.