Extreme Days

Rated 3.0 Four life-long buddies (Ryan Browning, A.J. Buckley, Derek Hamilton and The Debut’s charismatic Dante Basco) venture on an extreme sports road trip before plunging into adulthood. A death in one lad’s family redirects their travels from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest, and the inclusion of a stranded Christian girl (Cassidy Rae) in their episodic journey introduces themes of tested friendship and devotion to one’s religious beliefs. The film is amateurish at times and not all the comic relief works (lighting farts in the dark is not as inherently funny as these filmmakers may believe). The film makes up for its lack of technical finesse with plenty of heart; the skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding footage is exciting; and the soundtrack from Toby Mac, Pax217, Earthsuit, Bleach, Audio Adrenaline and the Newsboys rocks. Directed by rookie Eric Hannah.