Secret thing

SN&R staffers name the one thing most people don’t know about them

SN&R threw an early holiday party for staff, family, friends and contributors in its new green building on Del Paso Boulevard (before the furniture arrived) complete with catered dinner, music and revelry. When RSVPing to the party, everybody was asked—for the purposes of a party game—to name one thing about themselves that most people didn’t already know. Here’s a list of what some SN&R colleagues reported:

I’ve been to the Playboy Mansion.

I once danced with a zombie in a horror movie.

I have been paid to give belly rubs to dogs.

I love watching Murder She Wrote.

Just completed a pointillism portrait of Einstein using markers, and it took about 30 hours to finish.

I worked closely with Bill Cosby on a jazz record.

I have been skydiving!

I have partied in Ibiza!

I am a Twilight freak!

I’m a geocacher extraordinaire.

I like to do the Charleston.

I love anything orange!

I am related to Joe DiMaggio—he is my third cousin.

I barrel raced (on horseback) when I was a teenager.

I’ve had all 50 states memorized in alphabetical order ever since the fifth grade.

Died on the surgery table when I was 9 years old.

Hung my head out of a World War II B-17 bomber and have a photo to prove it.

Wrote for junior-high-school alternative newspaper founded by my sister, The Star Spangled Revolutionary Press, that was banned from school grounds.

I have owned many pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, parakeets and even a chipmunk.

I once made film director Spike Lee laugh like a madman.

I have a tattoo of my kids on my ankle, and I once mud- wrestled two women on a bet from a drunk friend.

Took an ROTC class in college and was the only peacenik in the class.

Wanted to be an entomologist and have written a series of insect poems.

One of my guilty, guilty pleasures is the movie Urban Cowboy.

I studied phenomenology.

I once had a singing career in a band that lasted three songs and, to quote my mother, “It was a performance not even a mother could love.”

I’ve never broken a bone, and I’ve only had one cavity.

My dad worked at a female impersonator club in New Orleans.

I used to have all-pink hair.

I’m going to grad school to become a couples’ and sex therapist.

When I was in college, I used to run on our soccer field with Milli Vanilli.

I once played the baritone tuba.

I only have eight toes.

I have no tattoos.

I was in a Snapple commercial.