My cancer story

Local patient spreads his gospel of holistic healing methods

Last April 15, I was operated on for a mass of lymph nodes under my left arm; it was revealed that I had 10 metastasized melanomas amongst 25 tumors there. As I lay in the recovery room afterwards, my doctor informed my relatives out in the lobby that my prognosis was not good. When I awoke, the facts were related to me.

My relatives’ expressions told me that my chances for survival were almost nil. But when they said the doctor suggested I take interferon injections, I knew it was not for me. I did not want to poison my body with toxins. I wanted remedies which would help me heal, not naysayers who accepted the inevitable—my early death.

So I began my search to determine what might allow my body to mend. Melanomas multiply fast in the body, so with a sense of urgency, I began to read everything I could get my hands on. I explored the Internet for advice and started learning about how I could utilize a combination of herbs, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants to heal myself.

Soon, I found local experts in the natural healing realm. I found a Roseville holistic practitioner who showed me, via blood analysis, how I could improve my immune system and rebuild my body’s strength so it could heal itself.

Then I met a Newhall farmer who marketed all organic fruits and vegetables. He showed me testimonials of people who had recovered from chronic illnesses by using his foods. This farmer explained the use of wheatgrass, a great antioxidant with tremendous healing capacity. So along with the naturopathic protocol I had begun, I adopted the farmer’s advice and began eating organic foods.

I would no longer consume a traditional American diet of heavy sugars, processed foods, meat, nor other animals which had been injected with antibiotics and other chemicals. I would no longer eat vegetables that had been sprayed with toxic pesticides. I personally tested Sacramento’s city water to determine if it was acidic or alkalinized, because I had learned that cancers love to live and expand in an acidic body. I found our water extremely acidic. Thereafter, I learned the best water for this purpose sold in stores was Fiji water, so I started drinking that.

Before I met naturopathic healers, all I had were feelings of hopelessness and defeat. But two to three months after meeting them, my immune system was successfully fighting for its life.

It’s now my belief that, in general, traditional doctors don’t know how to treat cancers. They insist there are only two main ways to deal with this disease: chemotherapy (injecting poisons into the body, which further disable the body’s ability to fight disease) or radiation (the burning of healthy tissue). Yes, surgeons can excise cancer sites, but then what? Even the National Cancer Institute admits that a huge percent of those who undergo chemotherapy or radiation for their cancer will die by the end of the fifth year. And most oncologists refuse to even discuss a nutritional approach or the importance of rebuilding the immune system. I know mine did.

Yes, I have recovered from a cancer diagnosis.

My recent PET scan revealed no more active cancers in my body. For me, making good choices made all the difference. I celebrate this every day and want to share more of the good healing information I learned when I had cancer. I know my story will evoke some disbelief and both negative and positive reactions, but it’s my true story. Remember, God gave us this body, designed not to suffer, but to heal itself. So be it.