Schmeiser Barn

She Creatures

Rated 4.0

Barnyard Theatre presents Sarah Saltwick's She Creatures, a mythological menagerie including a mermaid (who swaps fins for legs and clumsily walks on land), two unicorns (a worried mother advising an impetuous adolescent daughter), a fiery dragon (inclined toward matrimony) and snake-haired Medusa (trying hard not to look at an beloved acquaintance who unexpectedly turns up). Each creature gets her own scene; the independent panels share common themes. While not a strictly linear sequence, it's a striking and very theatrical grouping of monologues and dialogues. Th, F, Sa 8:30pm. Through 8/3. $15-$18. Barnyard Theatre in the Schmeiser Barn, 35125 County Rd. 31 in Davis; (530) 574-1318 ;