Save a life, eat ice cream

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West got called out by a vegan listener on a recent episode of their radio show Smiley & West. The caller, Christina Kelso from Thermal, Calif., argued that the human-rights-advocate hosts “invoke the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King” often, but ignore a significant part: his wife, Coretta Scott King, who chose to adopt a strictly plant-based diet for the last decade of her life. “If you don't have to take a life, don't,” Kelso said. Since most of us don't live off the land like hunter-gatherers, we do have a choice. Companies such as Organic Nectars make the choice to ditch supporting inhumane dairy-farming practices easier—and delicious—for instance, with its Cashewtopia raw-cashew frozen dessert (