Sat, March 6, Guitar Shorty

Constable Jack’s, 9:30 p.m., $15

Constable Jack’s

515 Main St.
Newcastle, CA 95658

(916) 663-9385

Guitar Shorty’s jam style is like the opening music for a bad movie on the USA Network and, at the same, there’s substance to his straightforward blues rockers. “Please, Mr. President, lay some stimulus on me,” Shorty yowls on the blue-collar anthem, “Please, Mr. President,” which is the kind of track that’ll play well in a bar outside of Auburn. Even then, like his songs only exist for their solo interludes, Shorty can still rip up his Telecaster with a searing, bendy wail, peppered with a little distortion, reverb and a whole lotta Southern blues. 515 Main Street in Newcastle,