Sat., Aug. 24, Freeport

Shine, 8 p.m., $6

If you close your eyes and imagine a ship of drunken pirates singing sea shanties—but in some sort of surreal David Lynch-esque alternate universe—then you might have an idea of what Freeport is about. Freeport calls its sound “seagaze.” It's part traditional Americana, part old-timey sing-alongs, but played as though it were textured, reverb-drenched, late-1980s post-punk. The trio—which plays two guitars and a keyboard—creates not just a wall of sound musically, but also vocal melodies that are rich in harmony, and at times, haunting. It's not particularly dynamic, but Freeport leans much heavier on mood than anything. And it can get pretty eerie. 1400 E Street,