Sassy Oh’s better tuna sandwich

Illustration by serene lusano

For those who have been waiting for a vegan tuna sandwich, your order’s up. Courtesy of Sassy Oh Baking Co. at Broadway Coffee (3200 Broadway), it features seasoned mashed chickpeas in between two slices of whole wheat bread instead of pungent overfished flesh. And a bit of lettuce. At $3, it’s irresistible to not try, and it’s far more pleasant than those tuna sandwiches for lunch in third grade, the stench and taste masked with inordinate amounts of mayonnaise and pickle. Plus, no one had to die for a subpar meal. Bonus! But most of Sassy Oh’s offerings are baked treats, including citrus cranberry, banana walnut and the unusual chocolate rosemary muffins, and faux Oreos, which look like the classic sandwich cookie after being filled with helium. There are also oatmeal raspberry almond bars, petite rectangles of oaty, coconutty sweetness topped with raspberry jam. Sassy Oh, oh yes.