Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op celebration

Illustration by Serene Lusano

Maybe you’ve never visited the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op. Maybe you thought only members could shop there, or that the prices were too high. Maybe you hated the tiny parking lot or accidentally showed up on the first Friday of the month, when everything is 10 percent off and the narrow aisles get uncomfortably packed. Regardless, it’s time to throw away those thoughts—if you wanted a Whole Foods in Midtown, the new co-op (2820 R Street) basically fits the bill but with better business practices and community engagement. Find out Friday, October 28, through Sunday, October 30, with a full weekend of grand opening events: beer and wine tasting; live music; free cooking classes; live chef demos; free samples and tastings; and 10 percent discounts on everything in the store. Admire the architecture, check out the expanded prepared food offerings and enjoy Midtown’s new epicenter of all things organic and delicious.