Rove’s riddance

Take the SN&R’s Karl Rove exit exam.America circa August 2007 is a pretty messed up place, bound up in a wrongful war, outrageously in debt, dysfunctional as hell at fixing its most critical domestic problems and gravely threatened by a looming climate crisis. But, hey … let’s look on the bright side. At least Karl Rove is out! To honor the departure of a man who did grave damage to this country, we invite you to match this list of top 10 parting Rove descriptives with their creators.

1. “Turd Blossom”

2. Bush’s Brain

3. “the greatest rat fucker [think Donald Segretti] of all time”

4. “Bush’s Napoleon”

5. “reconstruction czar for New Orleans”

6. “might be an evil genius”

7. “Pygmalion strategist from Texas”

8. “turned the attorney general of the United States into a partisan sockpuppet”

9. “General Rove”

10. “Mayberry Machiavelli”


Scroll down for the answers…





(1) George W. Bush

(2) James Moore and Wayne Slater (title of their book about Rove)

(3) Sydney Blumenthal, columnist and author

(4) Jonah Goldberg, L.A. Times

(5) Bush again

(6) Bill Maher

(7) Lou Dubose, for Salon

(8) Bill Moyers

(9) Molly Ivins

(10) John J. Dilulio Jr., onetime head of Bush’s office of Faith Based Initiatives