Right-Wing Attack Machine.com


Willful stupidity is proving to be a grand new American tradition, as this Gainesville, Fla.-based Web site clearly demonstrates. Last week, the site’s “brain” trust was fixing to catch a 10:30 screening of Fahrenheit 9/11, preceded by an “informal gathering” at a brewpub three hours before showtime. Wheeee! Not sure how that turned out, but given the knuckle-headed tone of the editorials posted on this site, like “Environmentalists Agree: Darwin Was Wrong,” “Kerry Gets a Visit From the Truancy Officer,” “Bush Can Win California” and “Communism Is Alive and Well in New Jersey,” it’s apparent that either some serious 90-proof incapacitation is generating a lot of unintentional comedy in the various Southern colleges that incubate these blamheaded young Goopers, or they were born that way.