Ride Along

Rated 2.0

A motor-mouthed security guard and cop wannabe (Kevin Hart) wants to prove to his girlfriend's cop brother (Ice Cube) that he's worthy of both the girl and the force, so he rides along with him on patrol. Your reaction to this semilame action comedy will depend on your tolerance for Hart's line of profanely caffeinated patter; for some of us, a little goes a long way. When the story is as predictable as this one with nothing to take your mind off Hart's constant yapping, it's enough to set your teeth on edge. Ice Cube's character strikes an attitude of angry exasperation toward his unwanted partner, leading one to wonder if the actor may have felt the same way on the set. It would be hard to blame him if he did. John Leguizamo, Bruce McGill and Laurence Fishburne lend reliable (albeit autopilot) support.