Devil's Due

Rated 1.0

Two newlyweds (Alison Miller and Zach Gilford, heading a no-name cast) return from their Dominican Republic honeymoon to find she's pregnant, but things quickly start going wrong. Writer Lindsay Devlin tells us up front—before the movie even starts—that the wife is carrying the Antichrist, which means the only suspense comes from wondering how the movie's Satan worshippers found two people who haven't seen Rosemary's Baby. (They find two more honeymooning in Paris at the end, setting up the threat of endless sequels.) It's just another “found video” horror movie (a genre that's already worn out its welcome), even though in this case, nobody sees the video but us. For some reason, it took two directors (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, both with limited experience) to pull this turkey together.